Little Penang London- Malaysian Cuisine

Yesterday Andrew ad I went to London for our visa appointment. I applied to switch my Tier 5 Visa Temporary Worker to FLR(M) Spouse Visa using Premium Service at Home Office Croydon. They granted my visa, and I am now on Spouse Visa, and definitely can get a real job in UK. I would love to write the whole process of how I process my visa on a separate post.

When we finished all the process at Home Office Croydon, Andrew and I went to China Town to meet our good friend, Kendrick. It was already 18:00, and we were starving. We went to Little Penang to dine. The restaurant has ground floor and 1st level for the customer. It's a little bit narrow inside there, Andrew was struggling to get in and out from the table. Poor giant, lol.

Self-Designed and Sewed Fashion - Boutique!

I have been MIA lately, and I am super excited to be back on blogging. I was just super busy with wedding preparation. Yea, I have recently ended my singleness and entered my new life as a married woman on the 28th May. Well, let's talk about the wedding on the next post, because this time I really really excited to announce that I am going to open an artsy boutique online this Summer.

Valentine Gift Guide: All Things Handmade

If you are thinking of buying a box of chocolate or flower for your girl on Valentine Day, you should think again. Girls love flower and chocolate (yes we do), but for some girls, chocolate and flowers are too boring to have on Valentine Day. Especially those girls who love art and craft, who love all things handmade. If you consider your girl as one of them, you've better ask advice what to buy for her gift on Valentine Day. I am one of those girls, and I want to share a valentine gift idea which you can count on. These products I am about to list here are made by talented artists! 


 Girls love accessories, and silk makes it even better!

Inspired by nature, this Botanical Ball is made using traditional techniques from Japanese heritage and skills acquired in European lace making. Emi Fujisawa, the designer, uses fine silk yarns for this product. Show your girl how you love her, and how you appreciate nature as well on Valentine Day.

7 Things I Learned from Being Engaged

I have been engaged for three months now. No one told me what would happen after the engagement day; I'm wearing the engagement ring with so much excitement for the wedding!  But at the same time, I feel so nervous. Being engaged takes me to the next chapter of life. And life, I believe, is a learning process. I have learned many things since I said "I do" when my fiance proposed me. I want to share seven of these: